A Night of Celebration, Unity and Love

Fabulous Independent Educated Radicals for Community Empowerment (FIERCE), a community organization for LGBTQ youth, will celebrate the NYC Ballroom Community, Fashion and Social Justice.

In a special tribute for the event, American couturier Ralph Rucci will create original pieces for Icons of fashion and the Ballroom community to walk proudly for the vibrance, brilliance and love in our communities.

Hosted by Andre Leon Talley and Sandra Bernhard

with Vogue MC Jack Mizrahi and DJ Vjuan Allure

Featuring Icons from the NYC Ballroom Scene and Fashion Runways:

Raquell Lord Balenciaga , Gisele Xtravaganza, Dominique Jackson, Jose Xtravaganza, Javier Madrid, Nigel Mugler, and Coco Mitchell.

The legends who will be featured at the event are a combination of fashion icons, leaders of gay houses that support youth as young as ten who have no place to go, and have ten to twenty years of experience being role models for our youth. NYC’s ballroom community has been in place since the 1920’s and provide alternative supports for queer and trans youth who are in crisis and need chosen family to support them.

Many of FIERCE’s youth leaders come out to face family rejection, lack of housing, poor educational or vocational opportunities, and ongoing systemic violence. We believe now is the time to stand together and put our best foot forward for our youth while we also pay homage to the legends who have paved the way. Through FIERCE’s work, young people have the tools and power they need to become champions in ending oppression, youth homelessness, police violence, bullying and to create fierce, brave spaces for all youth to come out and lead together.